Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to create unique custom furniture, specializing in teakwood, that inspires a relaxed lifestyle. Attention to quality and luxe outdoor designs can reshape your backyard into the most favorite place in your home. Traditional or modern, the CAVAN mission is quality over anything else… our customers and clients are not paying for the showroom, rather only the furniture with a customized, personal experience.

Our People

The roots of CAVAN involves three unique individuals from three diverse backgrounds.

A custom home builder, a custom wood worker, and a manufacturing specialist decided to combine their years of expertise to bring you an outdoor furniture experience like none other. When it came to blending quality with style, these furniture visionaries struggled to provide the designs they wanted to offer their customers at an affordable price... until the founders made the choice to cutout the showroom and create CAVAN Furniture Company.

At CAVAN, we believe that in order to have a beautiful home, you have to have beautiful furniture, and to envision beautiful furniture, you need to have an eye for design. In order to bring beautiful furniture designs to life, one must pay close attention to every detail in the manufacturing process. In the end, founders Marcus, Steve, and Stephen took an passionate idea that has swept many other industries by storm and crafted their own, individual concept - a uniquely hand-crafted, customized furnishing experience tailored exclusively to fit your outdoor furniture needs.

Our Promise

Our CAVAN promise to you is to bring you a lifestyle experience – one in which you are part of the design, the look, and the feel of your outdoor space. We commit to using the highest end inputs, and therefore the same goes for the finished product. At CAVAN Furniture Company, we promise reliability and expert design in all our creations as we make them yours.

Experience CAVAN.