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Cavan’s outdoor furniture is exclusively curated by our in-house designer using sustainably sourced grade-A teak wood, never substituting for less. Teak is durable, weather and UV resistant which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture. Not only does it’s natural oil maintain the woods longevity but it also keeps the furniture looking beautiful for years.


At Cavan, our goal is to create unique furniture that is not just a perfect fit in your outdoor space but also a talking point of the neighborhood. Our one-on-one service means customers enjoy flexibility and adaptability with each luxury collection we offer, or a customized piece built entirely from scratch, always with a personalized experience.

Custom Built

Each piece of Cavan outdoor furniture is made to order and built by hand ensuring quality craftsmanship every time. The construction, assembly and weatherproof sealing all takes place in our factory which allows for careful attention to detail and a superior finish. When your luxury outdoor furniture arrives, there’s nothing left to do but simply enjoy.

Robust Design

Cavan's outdoor furniture is strong and stands out amongst other outdoor furniture. Increased board thickness gives a substantial and pronounced look.  On top of this, you won’t experience wobble or weakness because we assemble the pieces for you. Product weights and dimensions will give you confidence and longevity that the competition lacks.


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